NCRAA Opens Raleigh Office

Raleigh, NC — The North Carolina Republican Attorneys Association has opened an office in downtown Raleigh, just blocks away from the General Assembly. The opening of the new office is one of many changes taking place within the NCRAA as the organization begins its expansion.

“In the two years the NCRAA has existed, we have already accomplished great things for the legal profession through our education and advocacy efforts,” said NCRAA Executive Director Amanda Styron. “Now we’re ready to step up those efforts and get more attorneys involved. Having a physical presence in Raleigh will enable us to connect with our members while we work to strengthen the relationships we have already established in the General Assembly.”

Formed in 2011, the NCRAA was created to serve as a forum for Republican attorneys to share data and insight into the real-world implications of existing and proposed legislation. The NCRAA actively works to ensure that North Carolina citizens are granted unfettered access to a fair, equitable and efficient justice system.

As part of its ongoing expansion efforts, the NCRAA will begin broadening its membership offerings in 2014. Membership in the organization will continue to be free for eligible attorneys until July 2014.

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The NCRAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the interests of attorneys and their clients while adhering to conservative principles that promote limited government and individual freedom.