New Study Committee Addresses Judicial Efficiency

Raleigh, NC – The new House Committee on Judicial Efficiency and Effective Administrative of Justice met today. The Committee is responsible for studying the structure and needs of the State’s judicial and prosecutorial districts and making recommendations on future judicial resource allocation. The Committee is also charged with studying issues related to the provision of effective and efficient administration of justice throughout the State’s judicial system.

Committee members include: Rep. Justin P. Burr (Chair); Rep. Ted Davis, Jr. (Chair); Rep. James L. Boles, Jr.; Rep. N. Leo Daughtry; Rep. Josh Dobson; Rep. John Faircloth; Rep. Rick Glazier; Rep. Pat B. Hurley; Rep. Darren G. Jackson; Rep. Jonathan C. Jordan; Rep. Allen McNeill; Rep. Bobbie Richardson; Rep. Rena W. Turner; and Rep. Tim Moore (LRC Member).

During its first meeting, the Committee heard from representatives from the Administrative Office of the Courts. Some of the data presented included information on court filing trends, judicial department workload, and salaries for Assistant Clerks, Deputy Clerks, Magistrates, and State Highway Patrol.

The full committee charge, as well as slides and handouts from today’s meeting, can be found here.