Our Purpose

The North Carolina Republican Attorneys Association exists for the purpose of protecting and promoting the interests of attorneys and their clients by ensuring North Carolina citizens are granted unfettered access to a fair, equitable and efficient justice system.


Our Mission

The mission of the North Carolina Republican Attorneys Association is to serve as a forum for Republican attorneys to share ideas, data and analysis regarding the real-world implications of existing and proposed legislation, while also serving as an advocate for Republican attorneys throughout the legislative process.


Our Beliefs

We Believe:

  • in the strength of and the reliance upon a Constitutional government, that people should be free to succeed or fail and that government does not create wealth but should be a protector or conservator of it.
  • that government is too large, its impact on the lives of our citizens is too invasive and the decisions of the past to entitle have brought our state and country to a point where our solvency and our freedoms are at risk.
  • as Edmund Burke, that “a state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation.” Therefore, we support quality reform carefully designed to protect the fundamental freedoms and rights of our fellow citizens, but also to move our state forward.
  • the processes of government from the structure of our voting districts to the final decisions of our courts must be open, accessible, fair and reasonable.
  • as officers of the courts of this state and as Republican attorneys, that we have a duty to protect the right of every citizen to have an open and accessible court system so they may redress wrongs, receive a fair hearing or trial, and so that they may have the ability to check government when it strays from constitutional underpinnings.
  • because of our training and experience, our voice, while not unique, can prove valuable to policy makers and to our fellow citizens in the public discourse of our day.